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We are committed to helping you achieve optimal physical and mental health. Our approach involves specialized testing, diet and lifestyle modification, and a combination of nutritional health treatments that address individual needs. We create wellness and treat complex medical conditions.

Conditions We Treat

We treat fatigue, longevity, thyroid imbalances, allergies, weight problems, poor immunity, chronic disease, female and male health, digestive problems, insomnia, kid’s health, and mental health and performance.

The Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic (NMRC) Blog

The NMRC was founded in 2001, and has been providing orthomolecular clinical nutrition to the public ever since. Located in uptown Toronto, the  NMRC aspires to improve the mental health of all Ontarians.  Our targeted mental health treatment and stress management programs are among the most comprehensive and focused orthomolecular interventions in North America.  The basic premise of orthomolecular medicine is to address the cause of a condition as opposed to palliating it.

Concussion Injury: An Orthomolecular Nutrient Approach

Some 30,000 concussion or head injury related incidents are reported annually … If you suffer from concussion symptoms and you live in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton or Niagara, advanced orthomolecular nutrition at the NMRC may be one of...

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Nutritional Treatment for Schizophrenia

Did you know that early treatment of schizophrenia has its merits from a conventional and nutritional treatment perspective … If you hear voices or have delusional thoughts and you live in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton or Niagara, you...

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Learning Disability: A First-Line Nutritional Approach

Did you know that 1 in 10 Canadians aged 5-44 are estimated to have a learning disability? … If you suspect a learning disability in your family, it may be time to consider an orthomolecular nutrition approach. If you live in Toronto, the GTA, Niagara, Hamilton, or...

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ADD and ADHD: An Empirical Nutrition Approach

Do you suspect your son or daughter has ADD/ADHD/hyperactivity? … If so, you should consider our Empirical Nutrition Approach.  If you live in Ontario, Toronto, GTA, Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington, or Western New York you are in our catchment area. An Empirical...

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Back to School: Eating Paleo to Improve Behavior

Do your kids eat a solid breakfast before leaving for school? … If not, you may consider a Paleo breakfast routine.  A Paleo breakfast is associated with better behavior functioning.  If you live in Southern Ontario, Toronto (GTA), Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington, or...

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The Brain Gut Connection: A Mental Health Perspective

Does your gut act as a barometer for how you feel, mentally or physically? … Here we discuss the ramifications of gut health on brain function.   The Brain Gut Connection   Why look at the gut as a cause of brain function compromise? The link between the brain and the...

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Low Cholesterol & Your Mental Health

  Does low cholesterol intake affect your mental health? … You might be surprised that low cholesterol levels are not that uncommon. Here we discuss the ramifications of low cholesterol on mental health.   Low Cholesterol & Your Mental Health Cholesterol Having...

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Naturopathic Detoxification (Part 1): Liver Detox

            Are you feeling toxic after the long winter? … If so here are some insights on cleaning up the mess. Naturopathic Detoxification (Part 1): Liver Detox Detox – A Three-Part Blog Series We divided ‘Detoxification’ into three areas: i) Liver Detox (current...

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