The Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic (NMRC)

… all prospective patients interested in treatment should contact our Reception Team at 416.944.8824. You have the option of getting a preview of your orthomolecular health status by filling out our Medical Nutrition Assessment.

The NMRC was founded in 2001, and has been providing orthomolecular clinical nutrition to the public ever since. Located in Oakville & uptown Toronto, The NMRC is focused on longevity and improving the mental health of all Ontarians.  Our targeted mental health treatment and stress management programs are among the most comprehensive and focused orthomolecular interventions in North America.  The basic premise of orthomolecular medicine is to address the cause of a condition as opposed to palliating it.

What is this Orthomolecular Treatment all about?

For an evidence-based answer please read the following articles:

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Families in crisis should take note of the following:

The undiagnosed go ‘under the radar’

Those taking psychiatric drugs are sometimes imposed with greater risks than benifits

A significant portion of people that take psychiatric drugs have difficulty coming off them and this sets the stage for longterm complacency

About 50% of all compliant cases that we treat are much improved with targeted orthomolecular medicine

Another 40% often meet improvement goals with symptom alleviation often allowing them the ability to sustain lower effective doses of medication and/or the ability to get back to work or continue on a previous vocational direction

5% remain unimproved due to the magnitude and severity of presenting imbalances or due to the negative influence of psychiatric medications

5% who are non-compliant understandably do not improve

Early detection intervention has significnat potential when orthomolecular medicine is implemented

We wish you all the best in health!

Raymond J. Pataracchia B.Sc. N.D.