Cost-Benefit of Orthomolecular Treatment  


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 Orthomolecular health treatment is cost-effective because no one can put a value on “Improved Quality of Life”

Improvement has specific meaning to each individual. The main goal of orthomolecular drug-free treatment is to become symptom-free, have the liberty to reach your potential and become a productive functional member of society. Our targeted orthomolecular lab testing helps you identify primary biochemical-nutrient imbalances specific to you. With a clear roadmap to treatment you don’t waste valuable time and money on a supplement protocol that does not address the primary issue.

Using popular nutrients at random as many people do out of desperation, is usually costly and counter-productive

Orthomolecular consulting costs are often covered under “extended health” insurance which is obtained individually or through employers. These insurance programs often extend to spouses and family members.

 Orthomolecular treatment is associated with “Quality of Life” improvements in the following four areas:

Improved productivity

Orthomolecular treated patients are often able to return to a previous level of functioning at home, in the workplace and at school.

Increased physical vitality

Orthomolecular treatment aims to correct imbalanced body systems. By treating organ systems we often see physical improvements in cardiovascular health, weight, immunity, stamina and over-all well-being.

Getting along better with family, friends and society

You can communicate better when your mood, thought processes, sensory perception and over-all behavior is healthy.

Reduced dependence on psychiatric medication

There are risks in taking psychiatric medication and many are reporting little benefit in return for the risks imposed.

Many patients report that they relapse, get hospitalized and released with a different or higher-dose medication that in-turn leads to marginal improvement and subsequent relapse. This is an insidious process and therefore often escapes full recognition by family members and patients. In the real world, the initial risk that you took when you initially accepted conventional treatment may no longer seem worthwhile if you achieve only marginal improvement. When you work with your medical doctor you should always be mindful of maintaining the lowest effective dose of medication.

Orthomolecular treatment attempts to address primary causative factors which can in turn help reduce medication dependency

Clients taking psychotropic medication who achieve consistent and significant orthomolecular response improve considerably more if they are able to maintain a lower effective dose of medication under medical doctor supervision.

With less people dependent on medication we might see a direct proportionate decrease in respective spending by the consumer, insurance companies, and the hospital and health care system.

Ray Pataracchia B.Sc. N.D.    © 2013